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Annex 6: Power T&D Systems

Annex 6: Power T&D Systems

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The main objective of this annex is to establish a long term vision for the development of "Smarter"total electricity systems. Power transmission and distribution provides the enabling infrastructure for integration of distributed and large-scale renewable energy and has to be recognised as such. The Annex shall consist of efforts to improve understanding of Smart Grid technologies applicable to or influencing system performance, transmission capacities, operation practices; accelerate their development and deployment; and promote adoption of related enabling regulatory and government policies. This annex focuses on system related challenges including both transmission and distribution systems. However due to longer planning and execution times as well as need to increased attention, the first phase of this annex will focus on Transmission Systems. The Annex should be of real relevance to key stakeholders for both Power System Planning and Power System Operation (e.g. TSOs, DSOs) by addressing the most relevant issues, such as risk management, risk based planning, technology to enhance capacity and utilisation, lower maintenance costs and increased reliability by introducing new technologies.

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Swedish Transmission Research Institute (STRI)    Susanne Ackeby :

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