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Annex 5: SIRFN

Annex 5: SIRFN

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SIRFN will give participating countries the ability to evaluate pre-competitive technologies and systems approaches in a wide range of smart grid implementation use cases and geographies using common testing procedures. Research test-bed facilities will be selected based on their complementary capabilities to conduct specialized, controlled laboratory evaluations of integrated smart grid technologies including cyber security, plug-in hybrid integration, load management, automated metering infrastructure, protection, network sensing, energy management, renewable energy integration and similar applications. In this way, research within each individual member country will derive the value of the unique capabilities and environments of the other partner nations. Data from these tests will be made available to all SIRFN participants to accelerate the development of smart grid technologies and systems, and enabling policies.

[Lead] United States India
Austria Ireland
Canada Italy
Denmark Japan
European Commission Republic of Korea
France Spain
Finland The Netherlands
DERLab Philipp Strauss :
Diana Strauss-Mincu :

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