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Annex 4: Synthesis of Insights

Annex 4: Synthesis of Insights

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Given the wide variety of definitions and conceptual models for smart grid technologies and systems, quickly increasing body of literature and analysis, and rapid rate of change in the smart grid space, senior decision makers would likely benefit from a common basis or language for discussion. To this end, this Annex integrates the knowledge and lessons learned through the other ISGAN Annexes. This material may be delivered through a variety of media, such as reports, web sites, or videos, as appropriate for the specific information and targeted audience. It may be structured for specific geographies or grid ecosystems. Ultimately, information packages that explain clearly and concisely smart grid benefits and costs (and offer an intuitive, pleasing user experience) will help capture the attention of these decision makers and provide them the information needed to advance more effective smart grid-enabling policies and programs.

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Korea Smart Grid Institute (KSGI) Elena Yang:

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